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Performance Improvement Program - Europe VPS (Upgrade to 3D V-NAND)

  • 25th October 2016
Hello. We believe some improvements were needed to maintain speed and reliability of our Europe SSD VPS servers. In order to offer the best customer experience and latest technology we would be upgrading our europe VPS nodes from traditional SSD drives to all new state of the art 3D V-NAND Drives which are 200% faster than normal SSD drives. ...
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Server Performance Upgrade to SSD PCIe Cards

  • 19th October 2016
Hello. We are thrilled to let you know that we have been upgrading our traditional SSD hard drive based servers to all new State Of The Art Samsung 3D V-NAND PCIe cards to store your data instead using traditional hard drive to store your data. is one of very first few providers adopt this latest technology. Advantages to our ...
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SSD Replacement - USA Server USVIP121 ( In Progress )

  • 29th August 2016
Hello.    One of the SSD's on USVIP211 server has been showing errors just after the recent CloudLinux update. The data on the faulty drive needs to be copied to another drive on the server. Currently data is being copied from the old drive to the new drive. About 90% of the websites will not work or show errors during the data data sync. ETA ...
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Emergency File System Check - Germany servers - SGVIP12 [RESOLVED]

  • 21st August 2016
Hello,  Your server SGVIP12 has been showing few minor disk issues. We had to schedule an emergency file system check in order to detect and correct these issue to prevent any future disk failure. The FSCK is in progress and we will keep you update about the progress here; Progress:  25% Completed..   Progress:  51% Completed.. ...
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